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2020年6月11日 : 新着物件 キャンペーン中!

2019December, 6 pm : New Year's Holiday

2019On February 15th. : Put the morada shioiri rent!

2018December 17. : New Year's Holiday

2018October 6 : Apartment availability measures seminar

You want to sell, buy or borrowTo meet the tight
Across in 3 residential real estate sales, leasing and management, we are handling. Over a wide range of land used without ordering, such as houses, condominium or commercial property, income property, we are handling.
Finding a room livable family from single rooms looking staff.

Those who are looking in the local area such as Numazu City, Mishima, Nagaizumi-Cho, Shimizu-Cho, take a look at our Omakase please.


Greetings from the Representative

The are looking for property along the stay and enjoyable our customers our staff kindly and politely.
We are located 10 minutes walk from JR Numazu Station, Office is located next to the sports Depot East Academy Street. Parking is available on the storefront.

We will feel free to contact us, visit us, thank you.

Our business

Finding the hope House more smoothly by telephone or email consultation on visiting us, property information and tours, becomes possible.
We may differ in the photo with the real impression. Please select the property which is real, perfect for your wishes and requirements.

Also available is a property management company on the other. Please contact us for details.

So when you feel free to consult. To consider various conditions of ever living environment, life style, location and size, children going to school, becoming important.
Properties many times as happy. Convincing ever seen, heard, please consider.

There is, because sometimes when you purchase can be sale early. Continue in secrecy.
Will we proceed consult with customers on the sale price and sale way.